Saving, Investing, and Wealth are # 2

A lesson learned over 40 years ago was that if you moved 20% of your income into solid growth investments and had the discipline to keep it there, you would become a very wealthy person. The proof of this concept is the story of the company accountant who owned a $1,000,000 television set! This fellow got caught up in the mad dash to be an American consumer. He saw the latest electronic gadget that he could not live without, cashed in his employee stock purchase plan to buy the new device at the highest price possible, and watched TV. Meanwhile, across the years, the investment he left behind would have continued to grow into well over $1,000,000!

Building your own monetary self-sufficiency is a priority very few people appreciate. New corporate executives cannot wait to earn more money as they climb the ladders of success. What they do with that money will determine how they live if they are fired, suffer a lay-off, become disabled, or want to retire. Often people are so caught up in earning the next dollar they do not take the time to look for, and hire, the best possible financial advisers to sensibly guide them toward goals of substantial wealth.

Many doctors, lawyers, sales and marketing executives, and others believe they must show a facade of success to be successful. This is where they fall through the trapdoor of the upscale neighborhood with its outsized home mortgage. Now that they are in the nice neighborhood they cannot live without fine vehicles to drive. Children must have the best private schools. And, at the office it is “essential” to look good in the finest suits and work-out at the most expensive spas. You are probably well versed in the massive spending opportunities that are promoted to the so-called successful in all of  the available media.

In another part of town lives a recent immigrant to the country who appreciates the opportunity and freedoms available. He has not attended much in the higher education system, but he knows how to work 11-14 hour days in his own mundane business. He works very hard and lives in a frugal manner. He drives a basic Ford pick-up truck. His children go to public schools. He buys his clothing at Sears. Over the years his business and his investments quietly grow to provide this multimillionaire an opportunity to live a life the corporate executive only reads about in the magazines.

Work hard, be frugal, save, invest responsibly, and build wealth you can live on.


Health, Diet, and Fitness are # 1

Maintaining a clean, healthy, and sleek body loaded with energy to produce physical and mental toughness each day is essential to a lifetime of achievement. The sheer impact of the optimum physical body can ignite unlimited self-esteem that is powerful while courteous to others.

  • If nutrition is an issue for you, read and act on the wisdom of Kimberly Snyder:
  • If general health is your obstacle, then take the actions necessary to find excellent physicians and clinics to help you progress.
  • If weight control (high or low) is holding you back, then grit your teeth, get a grip on yourself, and do the work necessary to get in shape.
  • If general appearance is keeping you in the cellar, find reasonably priced clothing, makeup and personal accessories to perk you up and give your esteem a boost.

Homeless Pay Higher Income Taxes

All across America, homeless people have to pay higher income taxes because people who have home mortgages get to deduct the mortgage-interest they pay in their Income Tax. There are millions of homeless people having to sacrifice in the amount of Income Tax paid for the benefit of those who do not pay cash for their houses.

Houses, College Education, and Automobiles are 3 of the more expensive items most people encounter. All three products MUST be paid for in cash to avoid the crushing oppression of annual interest payments. However, tax code penalizes people for making the right decision to pay cash for their homes.

Income Producing Assets

The most important thing you can own (other than excellent health) is an asset that produces income for you. For many people the only income they have is their weekly wage. What happens if you become sick, want to take a leave of absence, or are terminated by your employer? An income producing asset pays you money. It is silently earning money that is yours whether you go to your employer’s work, or not.

Basic examples of income producing assets include money deposited at a bank or a Certificate of Deposit sold by banks. In this example, the “CD” sits there earning money that you can use after income taxes have been paid on those earnings. For the sake of an example let’s say that you are able to scrap together $100.00 to purchase a CD from your local bank. In our example, we will say the local bank is very successful and willing to pay 3% interest on your account. After owning the CD for 1 year the bank gives you $3.00 to use any way you want. However, since this is income, there are Federal and State income taxes that must be paid in the approximate amount of $1.00 leaving you with $2.00 free and clear. You now have a choice of whether to spend the money or to plow it back into your CD to increase the amount that is working for you.

Summer Breeze

This is one of those “perfect days” where the temperature is the same outdoors as it is indoors. There is a slight cool breeze drifting in across the lake. This morning it was crystal clear and now occasional tufts of white clouds dot the evening sky.

Mice Die

Your mouse can die! If standard programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, or your Web browser become erratic, it could be your mouse is not feeling well. Symptoms include inefficient cell identification, mysteriously nervous drop down lists, and unexplained closure of programs. Rather than an expensive computer diagnostic and virus check, try a new mid-price mouse to see if performance improves – you may be surprised.

Careers Change

Newt Gingrich has every right to reshape himself as an “outsider” and leader of the American Tea Party movement. A lifetime career in and around history and politics should be viewed every bit as transformable as a career in any other field. As we have seen with Winston Churchill’s famous popularity/unpopularity/ultimate resurgence there can be as many ebbs and flows in a successful political career as there are in careers involving business, science, arts, teaching, etc.

The prevailing attitude that everyone carries the same values, visions, opinions, and convictions from kindergarten to death is absolutely silly. People grow. They react to events occurring around them. The extent to which people assimilate new knowledge and circumstances, and then take wise action, leads to success.

Annual Fitness Migration

Millions of people annually migrate to fitness when the calendar changes to a new year. This is a curious phenomenon that has become a yearly ritual. The wealth of the previous year’s harvest with its year-end celebratory banquets have bloated the belts of many. There is the realization that if we are in the middle of Winter then Spring is coming soon. It will be time to shed the coats and show off in the warmer outdoors. Thus the billion dollar health and fitness industry reaps its reward.

Happy Christmas to Everyone

Christmas – the most joyous of the Holidays. It is my personal favorite. Home for the holidays brings a warmth to the heart unlike all the others. Children in eager anticipation of fun and the excitement of Santa Clause’s arrival at their home. Entertaining with close friends and relatives reaches its highest point of the year. Powerful church services bring heightened emotions with their barrage of familiar songs. These are all the trappings of the final days of the year – the ultimate joy of the successful harvest and the birth of the Savior, light unto the world!

God is the Reason You Exist

Everything there is and ever will be comes from the infinite mind of God. God created all the people. He created the people that love him and the people that hate him. He created the good guys and he created the bad guys. God created and sent us Jesus. He also created and sent all of history’s most notorious rouges. All of the people that have ridden this planet, and any other planet out there, have come from the mind of God.

It is sad to see historically how much human energy is spent convincing others of religious superiority when everyone comes from the same infinite mind of God. War after war, game after game, terror act after terror act, atrocity after atrocity seem to be continually played out to convince some innocent soul of religious righteousness. Jesus was sent as the perfect example of correct living. Other major religious and non-religious leaders have set out to show reasonable paths of human experience. Many of these are good. But, when a vicious few declare it is their way or the highway, then all their credibility in the human experiment is lost.

This is not to imply that there are never any reasons for vigorous discussion or even fights about what is right or wrong. But there must be some limits and some unity of purpose by an entire planet load of people trying to live and prosper together.