Today is the first day of the Presidential term for the next four years in the United States. These four year terms begin with hope and optimism for the future along with a glint into the historical legacy of the President. But, how will these next four years affect you? Will you be living in an improved nation four years from now? Is there anything you can reflect on today that will impact you and your community in the near future?

One proposal would be to determine the level of community involvement you are willing to engage in during these next four years. If your personal situation is such that there is no room for another activity, then you will have abdicated your rights affecting ongoing community outcomes. If you can eke out a few moments, begin identifying leaders at every level of government activity in your area:

  1. Who is on the School Board?
  2. Who is the Mayor of your town?
  3. Who are the people on city, county, and metropolitan councils and what significant issues face them?
  4. If you admire a political organization, who is your Precinct Chair, where and when does the Precinct meet?
  5. Who are your State Representative, State Senator, and Governor? What big issues are they confronting?
  6. Who is your Representative for the United States Congress? Is this person responsive to the issues and services that affect you?
  7. Who are the 2 Senators representing you in the United States Senate? Are they promoting national and world agendas that compliment your national governmental agenda?

Are each of these individuals who impact the rules and activities of your community providing the level of community service that is satisfactory to you? If not, then find ways that you can be of help and service to your government.